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Great Gonerby, Grantham, Lincolnshire. England.




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 GB3HMDerby's premiere 6m repeater

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One man and his bike. Follow Paul on his cycle based expedition from Derby to Cyprus

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Dave, G7HNO's Page.

Please check out his charity links and more!

Up coming band from Derby, the Thieving Names, covers and original material, check them out!!

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Welcome. Hi, The last time I played with web sites and HTML, the internet was still powered by steam, so bear with me.

You can now see that first attempt, way back in '97, take a look over at the links on the left and and prepare to be woo'ed!

Eventually, there will be more to this site, but for the time being, please check out some of the pages linked on the left.

For the non- hams, 'M1 AIU' is my Amateur / Ham radio callsign which i have held since July 1996, enabling me to transmit on various bands ranging from 400KHz into the hundreds of GHz, see further down the page for a list of recent contacts (only from may 2013 onwards though!)

UPDATE!!! 28th Jan 2015

Well, just thought I'd stop by and update the page a bit, well, this bit of text anyway...

Thankyou to all the people who have taken the time out to stop by my page, I have not been around on air to much for the last six months or so

but I hope that will change soon, in the mean time, if you do the twitter thing, please look me up or tweet me to say hi with the button below,

as that is where it's at!


I now have an ic 7100 and a few other bits of news.

I Now occasionally dabble in data modes. Hopefully i shall be updating the page soon!

Thanks for vsiting and best wishes from Gareth, M1AIU!


My weather station

Pictured below, on the left hand mast, are the instruments for my weather station, please click HERE to see live statistics.

If you are on a mobile device, try THIS LINK, NB This stopped working for some reason, I

shall try to fix in the next few it will give you a much more pleasant viewing experience.


I am a keen photographer and have a very small collection of photographs online, please  have a look at some of my photos, and see what you think!

Amateur Radio

Below is a log of my recent QSO's (contacts).

It is liable to lag behind, as I have to manually update it at the moment.

My station currently consists of;

Icom IC 7100.


A Yaesu 857d, which I nominally use on 1.8 through to 50 MHz.

A Simoco FM1100 (ex HM Customs, circa 1990) which covers 70MHz, using a 1/2 wave dipole (in the top of the left mast!)

A Kenwood V71e, for 144 and 435 MHz (the aerial on the right)

I also use a Shure PG42 Studio condenser mic, this has a built in usb interface

which enables me to feed digital audio right from the mic pre, through to the audio stage of the 7100.

I also have a 16 Channel Audio desk, which handles all shack audio (except digital) which enables me to control levels in one place and provides

multiple routing options for the analogue feed off the shack mic to different bits of kit.

If you click on the GB3HM link (top left) and follow the links to the streaming audio, if you're 'lucky' you can listen to me chatting away on 70cm.

For HF, at the moment i am constructing a 'fan dipole', I have got as far as 40 meters and 20 meters and it works quite well, even though its only 5 ft off the ground. The next bands to add are 5Mhz (60 Meters) and maybe 18MHz (17m). 5Mhz now added and the 17m dipole is now a 10m dipole, and working quite well!!

I also have a 50Mhz dipole, horizontally polarised, in the loft, and various mobile whips which i can use for 80/20/10 meters,

and a Yaesu ATAS-120 mobile antenna which is remotely tunable to any frequency in the 7 to 50 MHz range, which works quite well.

If you like it, please mash the button! >>> Thank you!!

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E-mither: gareth at  

Below is a chart of where my followers on Twitter are located (just trying this out for a bit!)


This map shows the location of all my logged radio contacts, an impressive illustration of how far my radiowaves reach!

The different colours, represent different frequency bands.


Taken on a recent winters evening, showing the new 70Mhz ant on the left, and the new Diamond X300 on the right. 


The map to the right here, shows the location of visitors to this website.


This list below, is updated live, as and when I log a new contact on the radio!!!


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©Gareth Griffiths 2013. Please ask permission before using any portion of this website or data contained herein. 

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